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ALOS-PALSAR Polarimetric Images
[地球が見える] 黒潮の蛇行
[地球が見える] GPM主衛星が観測する3D降水データ等の提供
Introduction of PASCO's Space Assets

Introduction of use case of Space Assets
{Space Assets}
1. Monitoring subsidence by SAR satellite at underground construction period
2. Monitoring crustal movements in mountainous regions by SAR Satellite imagery
3. Interpretation of Forest Areas and Tree Types
4. Interpretation of change of buildings
5. Research of Farmland utilization situation
6. Population and Numbers of Household Estimation Data in ASEAN Region
7. Interpretation of urbanization stages by SAR Satellite Imagery
8. Image Set for Machine Learning
9. ALOS series satellites
10. ASNARO series satellites
11. Remote sensing data analysis and consulting service